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Malamir Mansion Hotel

Malamir mansion


The traditional Malamir Mansion Hotel dates back to 400 hundred years ago. In 2017, the decision was made to renovate this old house. The house was architecturally inspired by the Safavid and Pahlavi eras. Finally, in 2020, the reconstruction and renovation of Malamir mansion was completed and put into operation. The name of this hotel is taken from the alley where the mansion is located.

Garden Area


In this complex, the restoration is based on preserving the historical monument and transferring the sense of life in the old houses, and at the same time, an effort has been made to provide a memorable stay for travelers by providing welfare facilities in accordance with the standards of the day.


Rooms and Suites


As soon as you enter Malamir Mansion, you will notice the location of the hotel rooms. The 20-room hotel can accommodate 58 guests. The rooms are located around a beautiful pool in the middle of the residence. Of course, there is also a residential unit in the basement of Malamir Mansion. Accommodation rooms included


restaurant and coffee shop


The most attractive and beautiful thing that Malamir Mansion offers to its guests is the rooftop cafe and restaurant of the complex.



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