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Terms and Conditions

Check-in and check-out time
Room delivery time: 14
Room evacuation time: 12 noon
Minimum booking age
The minimum hotel reservation age in Iran is 18 years
Admission conditions for children:
Admission for children up to 2 years old and children 2 to 7 years old will be charged half price if you do not use the service.
Terms of cancellation of hotel reservation
Cancellations will be deducted in full less than 24 hours prior to arrival.
A cancellation between 24 and 72 hours in advance will be subject to a one-night fee.
A cancellation between 72 hours and 1 week in advance will be subject to a 30% overnight fine.
A cancellation will not be subject to a fine for more than 1 week remaining during the stay.
Note 1: If the guest cancels the hotel after booking and staying for any reason, the cost of one night stay per room will be calculated and deducted from the prepayment amount, except in special cases by agreement of the parties.
Note 2: Reducing the number of rooms booked by the tourist services offices up to 48 hours before arrival and up to the ceiling is acceptable and is not subject to fines.
It should be noted that it is not possible to cancel the reservation on busy days and due to prior notification, and the passenger can not claim a refund.

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